Hello, World: An Introduction to Lance, a Software Developer

Hello, World: An Introduction to Lance, a Software Developer

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Table of contents

  • What do I do?
  • What to expect?
  • What's next?

Hey there,

This is my first blog post. This post is a bit of a test. I'm still not sure where to start. But I'm excited to write and publish this after a long time of postponing! Well, let's begin by introducing myself. I'm Lance, born in the Philippines, and I'm a software developer. I've always wanted to start writing and building my own website. What you're reading here is my first step to accomplishing this goal!

Well, what took you so long?

For the past year, the fear of judgment has kept me from starting. However, when I saw this post from Ali Abdaal a few months ago, it made me think, why should I care? Well, the answer is simple, I shouldn't. So here we are with my first-ever blog post! (and something more)

What do I do?

As of today, I'm a senior in B.S. Computer Science. I am interested in web development, both the frontend and backend side of things. Soon, I would love to explore more outside my comfort zone. Outside of work, I love watching movies and listening to music.

What to expect?

Outside this blog, I have a website where you'll see and read about my journey toward becoming a "great" developer. Here, I'll write various essays, tutorials, snippets, and other stuff that goes through my mind each month/week/day. Mostly, it's about software development.

What's next?

For now, bookmark my website or subscribe to my RSS Feed to get the latest updates. I have plenty more plans upcoming in the next few weeks or months. If you have any questions, email me at

Also, don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @arevalolance

See you soon!


PS. This blog post is a revised version of my first post on my website. There's not much difference between the two. But, if you're interested, click this link and check it out! Thanks!

"Fear is the mind killer" - Dune (Frank Herbert)

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